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Catalog Orders

For catalog orders, the inbound call centres utilize

» Decision tree branching
» On-screen prompting
» Pop-up help
» The Apporach

Order entry specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using state-of-the-art catalog order taking system, the professionals take orders, answer questions about products, and provide many other services. Whether one wants to sell one item or thousands, have one catalog or several, the ibound call centers can develop a script that works for the customer needs.

Through the above, the professionals take orders, process credit cards, answer questions about products, provide customer service, handle customer inquiries and much more. Through the robust database, the order status information is linked with the customer order. It enables the organization to respond to the simple queries regarding the customers order status and if any items are back-ordered. This can be done in real time or on a daily update basis.

This enables our professional order entry specialists to take orders, process credit cards, resolve queries about products, provide customer service, entertain inbound queries as well as render other related services.