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Data Capture

Data capture is a method of collecting data from primary source or from secondary source such as paper map for computer processing and analysis. It is the conversion of the entire data into organized digital files.

A combination of innovative document management techniques combined with the leverage of labor substitution led to outsourcing success for the BPO provider. Outsourcing has made the process of data capture faster and more accurate. The timeline is shortened with outsourcing and the remaining time is better utilized in other areas.

Data Capture Methods :

» Tally charts are used to record data such as the number of occurrences of a particular event and to develop frequency distribution tables.

Batch keying is one of the oldest methods of data capture and uses a computer keyboard to type in the data.

» Interactive capture is often referred to as intelligent keying. Usually, captured data are edited before they are imputed.

» Magnetic recordings allow for both reading and writing capabilities.

» Optical character readers or bar-code scanners, are able to recognize alpha or numeric characters. These readers scan lines and translate them into the program.