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Data Encoding

Data encoding is the method by which certain communication devices encode digital data onto an analog signal for transmission. Digital data is encoded by modulating one of the three characteristics of the carrier, namely, amplitude, frequency, phase.

Data encoding outsourcing is becoming popular with the passage of time. India is said to be most favorable for outsourcing this service because of highly skilled English-speaking labor force. A reliable telecommunications infrastructure. Low cost of qualified personnel. India is also provides this service in much lower cost. Philippines is also considered one of the most favorable destination for outsourcing data encoding because of high quality work.

Methods of Data Encoding :

» Manchester Encoding : Manchester is a simple method for encoding digital serial data of arbitrary bit patterns without having any long strings of continuous zeros or ones, and having the encoding clock rate embedded within the transmitted data.

» NRZ Encoding : Non-return to zero encoding is used in slow speed synchronous and asynchronous transmission interfaces. With NRZ, a logic 1 bit is sent as a high value and a logic 0 bit is sent as a low value.

» Return-To-Zero (RZ) Encoding : The RZ encoding method sends a '0' level as 0 volts, and sends a '1' level as +volts [for the first half of the bit time] followed by 0 volts

Data Encoding Service :

Data Capturing Service From The Web
» Catalog / database management
» Internet research, email mining and customized list making
» Portal management support
» e-Newsletters / e-Clippings
» Secondary Research / Market Intelligence