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Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription Outsourcing Service is proving to be a boon for health care providers around the world especially US. This is because in USA and several other western countries it is mandatory for doctors to maintain patients' record. Medical Transcription Service helps to convert the voice of doctor detailing patient's condition into electronic text format. Medical Transcription Outsourcing Service, therefore, reduces the workload of doctors and reduces their overhead costs. Medical Transcription Service is in India from past 3-4 years and has made rapid progress.

How is Medical Transcription Outsourcing Done?

Medical Transcription Service is essentially an IT Enabled Service. It requires the expertise of skilled professionals to utilize information technology to convert voice data of doctors in countries such as US, into easily retrievable electronic documents. The voice data usually is the detail of patient's history and medical advises administered.

A Medical Transcriptonist is, therefore, a specialist in medical language that transcribes by interpreting dictation of medical professionals, mainly doctors. The dictation practically covers everything that takes place between a doctor and his / her patient. Most often, the information is either recorded into tape or onto digital voice processing system.

Medical Transcriptonist makes use of a transcribing machine that is equipped with a headset and foot pedal. To carry out the work with precision, a Medical Transcriptonist needs to understand the language of medicine. He needs to have a basic grounding in anatomy, physiology and diagnostic procedures besides treatment and medical jargon. The person must also have the ability to present the document is easily understandable and grammatically correct language.

After the Medical Transcription document is ready it is submitted to the Medical Practitioner concerned for review and signature.