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Product Promotion

Through a scalable state-of-the-art outbound call center infrastructure, the companies can be assured of a solutions-based approach that meets its telephonic and e-commerce needs related to a particular product campaign and its successive promotion. 

The outbound call centers offer solutions that can be tailor-made as per client requirements. They offer fully integrated solutions for acquiring more customers and building a stronger customer base helping to launch the product and build awareness. 

Outbound call centers provide exclusive product promotional support to customers through tele-services. They help generate momentum and grow new customers to create awareness and excitement for client's newest products. Outbound calls to the target audience provide promotional product messages consistent with the company's product promotion strategies. 

The service also supports : 

» New product launches and line extension introductions 
» Product recalls 
» Product advisory notices 
» New product indication announcements 
» Product hotlines 
» Outcomes research

Our key areas include launching of new products and line extension introductions, recall a product, provide advisory notices on product.