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Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing is generally regarded as the outbound call services meant to generate business through telephonic communication. The process of telemarketing plays a vital role in determining the potential business. This process further depends on the skills and expertise of the individuals required for carrying out telemarketing. At Call Center & BPO Services, we provide agents with impressive communication skills suitable for the task. 

Our telemarketing executives are fluent in English and most of them possess additional knowledge of other foreign languages in carrying out their job with more accuracy and efficiency. 

Outbound Telemarketing Services in India 
The outbound telemarketing services are one of the sections of telemarketing process. Here the call needs to be made by the company and the clients attends to them. Oppositely, the inbound calls are made by clients and responded by telemarketing representatives of the concerned organization. 

Both the processes are specifically profitable for businesses like aviation, insurance, IT, banking, finance and many more. Call Center & BPO Services offers wide range of telemarketing services tailored to meet the specific needs of our client’s business including telemarketing, product inquiry, direct sales, order processing, up-selling/ cross-selling, surveys and polling, inquiry management and fulfillment, lead generation, co-branding and affinity programs.